A long-time conservative and a businessman, Andrew Saxton was the Member of Parliament for North Vancouver between 2008 and 2015. With over 30 years of experience in both the private sector and in government, Andrew is currently the CEO of a real estate investment firm.

Andrew began his 16-year career in global finance working for two of the world’s largest financial institutions in 5 different countries – Switzerland, New York, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Singapore. At just age 33, Andrew earned the position of Senior Vice President of HSBC in Private Banking. From a leadership role in an international institution, Andrew gained invaluable understanding of the global economy and financial system.

Joining public service as a Member of Parliament, Andrew was immediately recognized for his expertise by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper with an appointment as Parliamentary Secretary to Treasury Board, and eventually to Finance. Working directly with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Joe Oliver, Andrew was part of the team that guided Canada through the 2008/2009 recession, and back to a balanced budget in 2015.

Andrew advocates common-sense practical conservatism, where government is limited yet effective, where low taxes and sound public finances help create jobs and economic growth, and where equality-of-opportunity and support for Canadians in pursuit of their dreams are at the core of the government’s agenda.

Andrew Saxton offers fresh leadership, serious real world experience, and a practical Conservative vision. As the Canadian economy continues to sputter along, the 2019 election will be fought over the right vision to create economic growth, new and better jobs, and middle class opportunity.

He is the right Conservative contrast to Justin Trudeau and has the right plan to put Canada on a more prosperous path.