After the protection of people, the number one job for the government is the economy.

The global economy is facing headwinds, with rising trade protectionism, chronically low productivity growth, demographic challenges, ballooning sovereign debt, and uncertainty stemming from Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Low energy prices are especially hurting job creation in energy producing provinces.

This Liberal government is turning to the old Trudeau policies that failed us before, offering higher spending, higher deficits, higher debt, higher taxes and more regulation.

We have seen the results. Canada’s economic forecasts have been downgraded. Job growth is stagnant. In fact, no net new jobs are being created in Canada outside of Vancouver and Toronto. We need a bold plan to support economic growth, job creation and more middle class opportunity.

Experience tells us what the foundations of this plan should be – a return to basics. This basic recipe has served Canada well:

  • Sound fiscal fundamentals and low public debt levels, to create the conditions for growth and job creation
  • Low taxes, to increase take home pay for families, and allow for savings and investment
  • Expanded trade with the world
  • Investments in hard infrastructure that will get our goods to market
  • Skills training, to ensure Canadian’s skills are matched to available jobs
  • Immigration that is focused on our actual economic needs
  • Reduced red tape, to create conditions for businesses to invest and hire
    Strong bank regulation

This proven template will form the basis of my economic plan.