We can agree that immigrants have contributed in no small part to making Canada this place we’re all so proud of. My father is an immigrant from Hungary, and my mother’s family immigrated many generations ago.

For most of our history, we’ve been prudent about who we bring in, and that’s a policy we must continue. We should be bringing in immigrants who can contribute to our society and help us build an even stronger country. Skilled immigrants are examples of those more likely to contribute to our economy. Language proficiency is a part of that.

In the face of such turbulent global dynamics, we need to look at welcoming immigrants who can integrate quickly, not just for our economic well-being, but also our national security.

I support more face to face interviews.

The other aspect welcoming immigrants here is to ensure we have plans and infrastructure in place to help them integrate as quickly as possible. That familiar story about doctors from India coming here and ending up driving taxis – it’s not without basis. We need to help them put their skills to work, so we all benefit.

In places like Syria, where tragic atrocities have taken place, we need to help the Syrian people fight the source of the problem where it exists – that’s helping to contain the threat of ISIS in the Middle East alongside our allies.

Further, some of the international outcry surround the conditions of the refugee camps. There is more Canada can do to help improve the conditions of those camps so it is more livable, so that picking up and moving to another country isn’t the only option available to the refugees.

When the Trudeau Liberals bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees in a matter of months, without a plan to help them integrate, this is irresponsible governing. Not only is it tough on the refugees to come to a totally different cultural setting, it is tough on our taxpayers who are footing the bill while refugees are left to figure out on their own how to find work, find housing, and learn our culture.

I believe in common-sense governing. I believe in creating the right conditions for people – regardless how long they have been here – to achieve success.