Canada is a nation that has never shirked from its duty to protect those around the world who face persecution and tyranny. We don’t just talk about the values of freedom and democracy – we have a long and proud history of standing in harm’s way to protect those values.

I stand with our soldiers.

​As a nation –

We must equip our soldiers with the necessary tools to protect themselves and to succeed.

We must make sure they receive the proper support they need to heal their wounds – physical and emotional – when they return home.

We must ensure we have the resources to commemorate their sacrifices and never forget those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

As I travel across this country, I hear the same story from coast to coast, Canadians cherish our soldiers and veterans. They want them honoured, they want them supported and protected.

Past governments have not done enough, ours included, to live up to the expectations our nation demands of government to support our heroes who wear our country’s uniform so gallantly.

I will stand tall for our men and women in uniform.

I will support their needs.

I will not forget their sacrifices.

I will honour their legacy, a legacy that shaped our beautiful country and made it what it is today, the best country on earth – strong and free.