For most Canadians, achieving their dreams begins with finding a job.

In Canada, we have a youth unemployment rate of about 14%. That is almost twice the national average. At the same time, we have thousands of jobs that are going unfilled or filled by temporary foreign workers.

We must do better for the next generation so young Canadians can start achieving their potential sooner.

Running an efficient government with low taxes and less bureaucracy won’t matter to that young person who is struggling to find a job.

We need to break down the historic barrier between education and employment, so that our young people are acquiring the skills needed in the job market.

When I worked in Switzerland, I saw first hand the benefits of the Swiss apprenticeship program. The majority of high school graduates do not go to university, instead they enroll in apprenticeship programs with companies in a variety of industries. These are not just trades jobs, in fact, they are often the beginning of professional careers in banking, insurance and pharmaceuticals to name a few.

It’s a win-win-win program –

  • young people win because they are employed and paid to gain relevant skills;
  • industries win because they are training new employees with the skills directly relevant to the work;
  • the government wins because industry takes care of training and brings down youth unemployment rate.

We need to create these types of opportunities for young Canadians.

As Prime Minister, I will devote a concerted and targeted effort to help young Canadians find work.

As Prime Minister, I will:

  • implement a Canada Apprenticeship Action Plan;
  • provide the incentives necessary for Canadian companies to hire and train young Canadians;
  • encourage greater collaboration between businesses and learning institutions to provide young Canadians with greater work opportunities.

I will do this so that young Canadians can find meaningful work, achieve their full potential, and begin to write stories of their Canadian dream.