When Justin Trudeau rode to his majority government victory in 2015, many believed that his popularity would mean at least two-terms in opposition for the Conservatives.

But just fifteen months in, the crack are already showing.

The Trudeau Liberals are coming to that inevitable point of breaking many of the over 300 promises they made during the election. “Sunny ways” no longer shine through the thick, economic storm clouds brewing abroad and at home, in provinces like Ontario and Alberta.

Townhall after townhall, province by province, Trudeau’s approval rating is dropping.

We can win in 2019 – not by clamouring to get soundbites or formulating unrealistic, impractical policies like the Liberals did.

We can win by presenting a contrast, grounded in practical, Conservative solutions, like lower taxes, balanced budgets, less red tape, sound fiscal fundamentals.

We need a government that respects taxpayers’ money, that has the long-term vision to keep Canada the place of opportunities.

We need a leader who is economically literate, who knows how to balance the budget.

We also need a party organization that is ready to hold the Liberals to account in every province and territory, in every town, in the media, and on the internet.

I am a businessman and the only leadership candidate who was part of Minister Joe Oliver’s finance team that balanced the budget. I know how to balance budgets, in both the private sector and in government.

I believe in a common-sense, conservative approach, where government is limited yet effective, where low taxes and sound public finances help create jobs and economic growth.

Join me –

Together, we can build a stronger party and bring back responsible government in Ottawa.

Together, we can win in 2019.