$1.5 trillion in national debt. This is Finance Canada’s projection for what 2045 will bring, if we continue down the Liberal path of out-of-control spending.

That means $82 billion alone in annual interest payments just to service the debt.

Remember Justin Trudeau’s promise of “modest $10 billion deficit” for three years, to fund infrastructure and get the economy moving? Now, the Liberals have blown well past that mark, with a $30 billion deficit in their first year.

“Sunny ways” was a facade painted on the backdrop of the movie set that was the last Liberal campaign.

Today, voters are waking up to a reality much different from what they’ve been promised. Our economic growth has declined from 2.1% to 1.7%, no new jobs are created, and youth unemployment is still as high as ever, hovering around 13%.

In the face of serious global uncertainty, we have a Prime Minister who still thinks he’s on a movie set, free of real consequences.

Canada needs new management.

We need a government that respects taxpayers’ money, that has the long-term vision to keep Canada the place of opportunities. We need a leader who is economically literate, who knows how to balance the budget.

I am a businessman and the only leadership candidate who was part of Minister Joe Oliver’s finance team that balanced the budget. I know how to balance budgets, in both the private sector and in government.

I believe in a common-sense, conservative approach, where government is limited yet effective, where low taxes and sound public finances help create jobs and economic growth.

Join me –

Together, we can bring back responsible government in Ottawa.

Together, we can win in 2019.