Competent, New Management for Canada.

As the Canadian economy continues to sputter along, the 2019 election will be fought over the right vision to create economic growth, new and better jobs, and middle class opportunity.

The Trudeau government is destroying our country with their irresponsible policies on the economy, on debt, on foreign relations, and domestic issues. The need for competent management of our country is critical.

Andrew Saxton offers competent leadership, serious real world experience, and a practical, Conservative vision for Canada.

Andrew Saxton is:

Accomplished in his career as a businessman

Andrew worked in finance in Switzerland, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore, including as a Senior Vice President of HSBC. He is currently the CEO of a publicly traded investment company.

Experienced in the management of business and government finances

Andrew has serious government economic and budgetary experience, as the former Parliamentary Secretary to Finance Ministers Jim Flaherty and Joe Oliver. He knows how to balance the budget, he can do it again.

Familiar with international dynamics

Having lived and worked in many countries around the world, Andrew has seen how much the quality of government matters. It matters to families, it matters to business owners trying to create jobs, and it matters to investors deciding where to invest their capital. Yet good government is far from inevitable. The wrong ideas and the wrong vision can easily set a country on the wrong course.


It’s essential for our leader, and anyone who aspires to be Prime Minister of our country, to speak both official languages. Andrew is fluently bilingual, having lived and worked entirely in French for 2 years during his career.

Andrew Saxton advocates common-sense practical conservatism, where government is limited yet effective, where low taxes and sound public finances help create jobs and economic growth, and where equality-of-opportunity and support for Canadians in pursuit of their dreams are at the core of the government’s agenda.

Andrew offers right Conservative contrast to Justin Trudeau and has the right plan to put Canada on a more prosperous path.

Andrew is the experienced, competent leader the Conservatives need to win in 2019.